The Civilization of Illiteracy

"This is not one among the usual lamentations about the decline of literacy. As the author spells out from the beginning, to write several hundred pages that leave out those who are the very subject of concern would be preposterous. To praise literacy for the literate ones (encouraging their contempt of the illiterate) would be snobbish. This book (which speaks of sex, food, goods, God, supermarkets, computers, sport, tv, virtual reality, philosophy, science - and also of writing and books) does not only deal with the Dark Side of the Gutenberg Galaxy; it mainly speaks to those who believe in living on the luminous one.

It is not for THEM, it is not only about THEM, it is also for and about US. And we (the literate ones) will discover many things that we did not know (as yet, or enough, in spite of our Wisdom)."
Umberto Eco


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multilaureate photographer Craig Varjabedian
reading TheCivilization of Illiteracy

(Santa Fe, summer 2000)

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La Civilización de las Escrituras Variadas
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(author: Professor Frederic Chordá)