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“The mind is the last available resource.”

What does this statement mean to you? To your organization? To your community?

Consultation with Mihai Nadin will reveal how much mind you use and how much you waste,
and how mind resources can work for you.

Nadin has been at the forefront of developments in science, technology, education, and society.
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The list of clients will give you an idea of his range of expertise.

Rates for Nadin’s consulting are based on the complexity of the assignment, which is evaluated after preliminary discussion (at no cost to the client). These discussions will determine whether Nadin can effectively help, how much time is required, procedures, and costs. In some cases, royalty-based payment will be accepted, an option that reflects the consultant’s confidence in the anticipated value added.

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A provocative speaker, he is also available for lectures and symposia for business, education, and organizations. Take a look at the list of selected lectures.